Founded in 1997 and headquartered in Shenzhen, China, Domeino Carpet Industrial Development Co., Ltd. is a professional carpet company integrated with carpet R&D, manufacturing, import & export, installation and after-sales service.

Domeino Carpet pays special attention to brand establishment and explore the design trends of different carpets. Mainly, Domeino supplies Tufted carpet, Axminster carpet, Wilton carpet, Carpet tiles and Hand tufted carpet with wool, nylon, polyester, acrylic, polypropylene, etc. Abundant stock carpets will meet different customers’ requirements for star hotels, office buildings, luxurious home decoration and any other areas from all over the world.

Domeino Carpet takes the natural wool and silk as material,the mix woven for wool and silk carpet is feeling comfortable and flexible, it is suitable for different area. Dedicated working, colorful pattern, strong stereo feeling, and the carving effect are the main features of Hand Tufted Carpets.The artwork for Domeino’s good quality manual embroidered carpet has the high used value and appreciated value.

The production process
1. Drawing Department make the designs to blueprint with different colors.
2.Die the yarn and make the carpet according to the blueprint. Material can be wool, silk, nylon, viscose, cotton, acrylic.
3.Scrap the environmental glue at the bottom of the carpet, after drying, the yarn will be fixed tightly at the back of the carpet.
4.Trim the carpet as the carpet design, pattern, and control the depth and angle. After trimming, the carpet will be more smooth, and the pattern will be more three dimensional. This is the unique working of the Hand Tufted Carpet.

The cleaning of carpet
Use the Vacuum cleaner to clean the dust, especially for the solid rubbish, first use the carpet cleaning water to wipe the rubbish gently, then wash it, finally use the dry fabric to mob the carpet with the same direction, and waiting to dry.
For the stubborn stains, use the “Distilled water” to clean, such as oil stain, juice stain and coffee stain.
For the severe polluted carpet or the long time stain, can be sent to the professional carpet cleaning company for cleaning.